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In The Veggie Box we are aware of the importance of a proper diet and we also understand the everyday frantic pace we are subjected to.

That’s why in The Veggie Box we intend to help you!

Our lifestyle philosophy is our project.

Personalised service

We offer you a customised service. We deliver the appetizing and healthy dishes we cook everyday to your house, to your job or…

You decide!

We opt for a plant-based nutrition where all our products are of plant origin, fresh, zero km and ecological. We prepare nutritious and balanced combinations always bearing in mind the food’s properties to be able to offer the best quality.

We are environmental friendly

We follow the zero waste movement. We wish for a sustainable world and work towards it by investing time and resources to minimize to the max our waste.

We use recyclable and/or compostable containers, completely reducing the use of plastic. We choose sustainability and we aim to minimise our impact on the environment.

In The Veggie Box we believe in quality, commitment and determination and we imprint this to our service and our food. We collaborate with local farmers and we totally reject processed and industrialised products.

Our lifestyle philosophy is our project.

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